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Newspaper Association Managers, Inc. (NAM) is a professional organization of executives of state, regional, national and international newspaper associations headquartered in the United States and Canada. NAM fosters communication and the sharing of ideas and information among its members for the benefit of the newspaper associations managed by NAM members.

NAMers in the News
100th Anniversary.jpg

NAM members at the 100th Anniversary Conference in Denver, August 2023.

David named LPA executive director

A series of leadership changes that have been months in the making are slated to take place in May at Louisiana Press Association and Marketing.

Jeff McHugh David, Jr. is resigning his position as the trade association’s board president and will take over as the LPA executive director on May 13. Sam Hanna, Jr., will become the board president.

David replaces Jerry Raehal, who informed the board of directors in December of 2023 of his intent to move closer to family by the summer of 2024, and is moving to Nebraska in June.

The hiring of David was approved by the board at a January special meeting, allowing for a transition for Raehal to seek a new role and for David to start becoming more acquainted with the roles.

LPA Director Judi Terzotis said after initial review of potential candidates by the hiring committee, an “unexpected candidate put his name in the hat that is just so uniquely suited for this job. It really just stopped the entire process.”




Nolte promoted to Florida President

The Florida Press Association (FPA) and Intersect Media (IM)  are pleased to announce the appointment of Carolyn Nolte as their new president and chief executive officer.

In this new role, Nolte will become the chief advocate for publishers in Florida and oversee management services to multiple state media associations. She will also lead Intersect Media, a $20 million for-profit enterprise. With over three decades of experience in media, Nolte brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic vision to her leadership role.

“I’m absolutely delighted to share that I’ve been promoted to the esteemed role of President and CEO of the Florida Press Association and Intersect Media Solutions. I am truly grateful for the board’s unwavering confidence in me,” Carolyn Nolte beamed. “Over the span of 14 years, I’ve poured my heart and soul into shaping one of the nation’s most respected state press associations. With the Florida Press Association’s steadfast dedication to advocacy and the strategic direction of Intersect Media, I’m more empowered than ever to elevate my service to propel Florida’s newspapers to new heights.”




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