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NAMers in Washington, DC, for the annual Legislative Conference

The Director Q&A: Michelle Rea

The Relevance Project continues the new monthly series spotlighting executive directors who lead newspaper trade associations. Our inaugural Q&A in March was with the president of Newspaper Association Managers, Steve Nixon of the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association. In April, we spoke with Michelle Rea, the longtime executive director of the New York Press Association.

Michelle is a past president of NAM and an enthusiastic champion for the newspaper industry. Look no further than the license plate on her BMW convertible: 4thEST8. She also is a major reason The Relevance Project exists.

Her experience and enthusiasm provide valuable insight into the challenges of leading in a turbulent world. For starters: Never give up, but make sure you stay focused on member needs during rapid change.




SNPA provides Relevance grant

The SNPA Foundation has awarded a $25,000 grant to help support The Relevance Project, an initiative of Newspaper Association Managers. The grant is renewable in 2022, subject to a performance review by the SNPA Foundation board.


The Foundation grant continues a long history of collaboration by SNPA with state newspaper trade associations and community newspapers. In making the grant, the Foundation board expressed hope that this venture will seed further cooperation and coordination among newspaper industry associations.


Simpson joins ANA as executive director

Arizona Newspapers Association’s (ANA) board has appointed Lisa M. Simpson as its new executive director. Simpson will start her position on Thursday, April. 22, 2021.

For the last three and a half years, Simpson worked at the Arizona News Service, which publishes the Arizona Capitol Times, handling their advertising, marketing and event needs. Over the last 20 years, she has held sales and management positions with many of the newspapers in the valley including The Arizona Republic, The East Valley Tribune and La Voz Publishing.

Lisa studied engineering at Colorado School of Mines, but circumstances led to a different path and she landed in a career in sales.  She says her passion lies with helping businesses and organizations meet their goals.

She moved with her husband and son to Arizona in 1995. They chose Arizona because it fit with the outdoor activities they love. She is also an avid sports fan and loves the local teams.

Tim Thomas, ANA’s director of nearly two and a half years, will be retiring April 23. Thomas, however, will remain available to assist Simpson and the board during the transition period.




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