An initiative of the nearly 50 members of the Newspaper Association of Managers whose press associations represent collectively more than 9500 newspapers in North America -- an impressive force.

The Overview

The Relevance Project is an energetic strategic partnership that unites state and provincial press associations to speed the resurgence of community newspapers in North America. It’s proud — regularly boastful — of newspapers and what they represent.

The Emerging Actions

  • It’s a courageous advocate for trusted local journalism that engages, informs and serves readers who care about their communities.

  • It’s a strong promoter of association advertising/revenue services at a time of great economic disruption.

  • It’s a strident collaborator with any and all ambassadors for our valuable industry.

  • It’s a hub of resources that are relevant, effective, turnkey and inspiring.

  • It’s a lab for ideas and innovation.

  • It’s a convener of smart minds looking to solve key problems.

  • It’s a bank of success stories and best practices.

  • It’s another source of brand messages to promote the importance of the newspaper media.

  • It’s a proponent of managerial integrity and forward-thinking.


  • It aspires to help newspapers become THE Community Forum for future sustainability as a business and contributor to transparent, responsible democracy.

Put it altogether

The Relevance Project seeks to convert local expertise into national prominence. And proudly shouts out on behalf of the newspapers in the United States and Canada.

—May 2020

Stay tuned for developments...

For more information, contact:

Tom Silvestri

Relevance Project
Executive Director


About the Relevance Project

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